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For years, Eileen Taylor Home & Design has provided premium Home Staging services in Southern Ontario and the GTA. Eileen Taylor’s proven system works and results in satisfied customers, each and every time. By choosing to have your property staged using Eileen Taylor’s proven UltimateStager™ System, you can have confidence knowing that you will receive the ultimate best results, and therefore, top dollar when selling.

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A Message From Eileen Taylor, USC™


Having a lifelong passion for home and design led me to create Eileen Taylor Home & Design, a premier Home Staging Company in Toronto. It was later followed by The UltimateStager Academy™.

As a Certified UltimateStager™ working as a Home Stager in Toronto, I take great pride in making a difference in my clients’ lives by helping them realize the full potential of the sale of their home.

As an instructor, I take pride in inspiring my students to pursue their dreams in a career in the Home Staging & Redesign Industry.

I realize that over the years, your home has become a reflection of you and your family. It has character, comfort and style. Everything is how you want it. Every picture, vase and knick knack on display tells a story. Each piece has a special place in your home and in your heart.

However, I have found as a Home Stager in Toronto, the way we live in our home is not the best way to market our home. When a decision to sell has been made, it is time to turn your home into an appealing  property for sale. Your home becomes a product on the market and like any product, it must show well to achieve the optimum sale.

Understandably, it can be difficult for people to allow a stranger to come into their home and make suggestions to them on how their home can look better. As a Certified UltimateStager™ & Professional Home Stager in Toronto, I have seen many homes in all kinds of conditions.

By having your home professionally staged with The UltimateStager Academy™ System, we will create the “wow factor” for potential buyers, motivating them to buy your house over all the others. They will want to move right in!

As an experienced Certified UltimateStager™ Home Staging Professional, who has staged millions of dollars of real estate, I understand the psychology of buyers! Our specialized approach to Home Staging utilizes a proven process that gets results!

Eileen Taylor Home & Design
– Services –

1. Home Staging Consultation

This Home Staging consultation involves an in-depth analysis of both the interior and exterior of the home. A thorough room by room evaluation is performed. As part of the consultation, a detailed written report of our findings and recommendations is presented and discussed with the homeowner and the agent. Various options are presented with respect to implementing an “action plan” to execute the findings in the report.

2. Home Staging

Professional Home Staging involves having Eileen Taylor Home & Design’s team of experts transform your property so it is best presented for selling. Typically this involves editing, rearranging and modifying furnishings and accessories to highlight the finer features of each room in the home. Additional touches such as the placement of lamps, art and greenery are utilized to give a room a whole new look. This step may also include facilitating minor repairs as necessary or even a fresh coat of paint to make the home a welcoming and appealing property for sale. Often additional furniture and accessories may be required. From artwork, towels and linens, to tables and chairs,Eileen Taylor Home & Design can supply these items as needed.

3. Showcasing

Showcasing refers to the ideal placement of furniture, lighting, art and accessories to highlight the best features of every room in the home. Showcasing is the merchandising step of selling your house and sells not only the spaciousness and beauty but also the lifestyle the house affords.

4. Downsizing Assistance

Eileen Taylor Home & Design approaches our downsizing service in a thoughtful and compassionate manner to the needs of all individuals involved.  Sensitivity is key, whether its empty nesters moving to a condo or a senior leaving the family home of many years. Usually this  means moving forward with less furniture and personal items. This change can be a difficult process for many.

Our Downsizing Assistance Program encompasses many of our Staging for Selling and Design for Living Services. This process begins with a consultation so that we may understand your needs. Typically, we  would provide Home Staging to prepare the property for sale,  Furniture Editing, Specialty Packing and Move in Design & Layout  services for the new location.

5. Furniture and Accessory Rental

When Home Staging, sometimes it may be necessary to add additional furniture & accessories to compliment what is already present in the home. Our furniture & accessory rental services can provide all the items required to showcase your property to make it look its very best. Our special inventory of artwork, greenery, lamps, linens and furniture will harmonize and complete the professional Home Staging look.

6. Specialty Packing

Packing can be a daunting and emotional task for many homeowners. In particular, items of high monetary or sentimental value can be  especially difficult to deal with. We specialize in packing the contents of China cabinets and collectables. Our Specialty Packing Service will supply you with all the necessary materials as required. We can assist you with packing these items or if you prefer, we can do it on your behalf.

7. Vacant Home Staging

Few people can envision the potential of an empty house.  A vacant property looks cold and uninviting, making it difficult for potential buyers to connect emotionally. By adding furnishings and accessories from our inventory, we turn the house into a home creating a beautiful first impression.



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Eileen Taylor - Need A StagerOur Certified Home Stagers speak many languages including Arabic, Cantonese, French, Greek, Gujrati, Hebrew, Hindi, Igbo, Italian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi, Serbian, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu & More.

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